Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome to the Berlin Femme Mafia blog!

"The only thing an autonomous femme needs is a nation of autonomous femmes standing behind her" - Dorothy Allison

Femme Feminism is here to take over the streets of Berlin and educate the Berlin queer scene on how fabulous, fierce, foxy and fucking sexy feminine queer gender is! Visibility Now!

The Berlin Femme Mafia recognises the importance and relevence of building a strong and proud community of femmes that reinforces, challanges and celebrates femmes of all genders. This community is our starting point for our actions, projects and femme-centric events, as well as an opportunity to bask in each other's fabulousness and have fun!

Femmes of all genders are welcome to join us. We totally recruit.

Current projects:

Radical Cheerleading at Schwarzer Kanal, next practise this Monday at 20.00! (this isnt femme exclusive, everyone is welcome!)

Dress up dinner planned for early November

We are also planning stencil street actions and group outings to femme up queer events!