Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fest of Fabulousness this Thursday!!

- My apologies that this is only in English! -

Your appearence is eagerly anticipated this Thursday at the Fest of Fabulousness - summer picnic/grill for femmes and our fans, allies and appreciators! Thursdays will never seem the same again! Come and enjoy some tasty food and drink and the presence of some very fabulous people. All genders welcome, especially femmes, our allies and appreciators. There will be cake and music and dancing...and hopefully sunshine! If not, we ha...ve a plan B. We are very welcoming so dont worry about feeling shy! Please bring some food or drink with you if you can and any friends you think might be interested in joining. This is an informal Femme Mafia event (ie, not an official one) but if you are curious about who we are as a group and what we do, it would be a good time to meet and chat and find out more :)

If you need clearer instructions for finding the park, send me a message or I will post a map up on here.

See you soon! ♥

ps - the people there will be about 1000 times hotter than the picture!