Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Berlin Femme Show Slideshow!

Well, it's been a while hasn't it? A whole month since the Berlin Femme Show, and what a success it was. 600 attendees and €500 raised towards the printing costs of Dressed Like That, the zine on sexism against femininity in the queer community. Editor Laura Brightwell is using the funds to make the 80-page zine available for a reduced price in Berlin, and plans to give free copies to local queer charities and zine archives around the world. For more information on where to buy the zine in Berlin check out the website. Updates coming this week!

Thanks to all our lovely performers, DJs and volunteers, and of course to those of you who came to celebrate queer femininity with us. It was a beautiful night.

We have painstakingly selected a few of the beautiful photos of the night, for you to nostalgically peruse before crawling into bed with a hot water bottle, wishing you could travel back to last month. Thanks to our wonderful photographers, Sara Svärtan Persson and Simson Petrol. All rights reserved. Click on 'Expand' to view.